I'm kind of disappointed in the selection of toys that were inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame this year.  There were quite a few toys that were selected to go in, toys like little green Army men, the Magic 8 Ball, My Little Pony, Fisher Price Little People and many others.  The 'toys' that were selected to go in to the hall were, the rubber duck and chess.

Now I can see the rubber duck getting in, it's one of the first toy's a kid plays with when he starts taking a bath.  The toy I have issue with is chess, yes I get it, chess is a fun, challenging game that has been played forever but it's not a toy, it's a game, don't they have a game hall of fame?  If they don't we need to start one!  Well to honor the rubber duck going into the Toy Hall of Fame why don't we watch Ernie from Sesame Street singing about his favorite 'toy'!