Picture it, you pull up to a gas station fill up your tank, drive a mile or so down the road and your car stalls out.  That happened to a number of drivers recently at three New Jersey gas stations. 

After doing some checking they discovered that the tanks mistakenly were filled with jet fuel!  Oops! Jet fuel was mistakenly delivered to these gas stations last week and was pumped into these cars, several cars were filled up and drove off.

The mistake was discovered and the stations were closed down and have to have the pumps and tanks emptied and cleaned before they can re-open.  It's too bad that cars just stall out using jet fuel, I would have liked to hear that these cars turned into something like the Batmobile, shooting flames out of the back of the car and going really fast, that would have been fun.  I'm not sure if the jet fuel caused any damage to the cars, let's hope for the owners sake its a quick fix.