Complaints of violence at the Keith Middle School became the main topic of discussion during Thursday night's meeting of the New Bedford City Council.

City Council President Linda Morad told WBSM's Brian Thomas that this isn't the first time they've received such complaints.

"We field these calls on a regular basis, and there has to be merit to this," said Morad "one call, or two calls, maybe not but the number of calls we're getting really does lead us to concern."

A late file motion during by Councilor At Large Brian Gomes requested that a second school resource officer be placed at the school and called for periodic visits from the New Bedford Police gang unit at the School to address complaints of violence.

While agreeing that something needs to be done City Council President Linda Morad told WBSM's Brian Thomas she's concerned that unnanounced visits could be disruptive.

"If you ask for my opinion about allowing access to the school at any point in time that could be disruptive," said Morad "we're not looking to disrupt the learning environment."

Morad does say however that there needs to be improved coordination between the council, School Committee, and Mayor's office to address these issues.

"I don't care whether you elected me as a City Councilor, or you elected me as a School Committee person, or you elected me as Mayor, let's work together to fix this," said Morad.

Morad says she plans to discuss these issues during her next meeting with Mayor Jon Mitchell.