Medical marijuana will soon become a reality in Massachusetts. 

Companies looking to operate a dispensary are eyeing communities that will welcome them.  One of those communities appears to be Fairhaven. 

A company called Compassionate Care made a  presentation Monday night before the Board of Selectmen. 

Compassionate Care wants to operate a dispensary out of the former Mass. State Lottery building off Alden Road.  Michelle Stormo is one of the people involved. 

Stormo says Fairhaven, for the most part has been welcoming to her company. 

Police Chief Michael Myers says as long as companies follow state regulations covering medical marijuana, he sees no issues with a dispensary being located in Fairhaven. 

The issue comes up again Tuesday night at 6:30 with the Planning Board holding a hearing on whether or not a moratorium on dispensaries is appropriate for Fairhaven.