When you think of college campuses, you think of the unique design that went into them. Complex has decided to take a more in depth look at some campuses, and ranked the ugliest ones.

Massachusetts' schools take up 5 spots on their list, and the Soutchcoast is pretty well represented. Our very own UMass Dartmouth is ranked at #33 out of 50 for ugliest campus. So what put it on the list?

According to Complex:

Paul Rudolph is an iconic architect, and his Dartmouth campus is cohesive, especially compared to some of the other colleges on our list. However, the buildings themselves are busy, unappealing, and appear overdone.

Also making the list is the Worcester Polytechnic Institute at #49, that is followed directly by Brandeis University in Waltham at #48.

Higher up on the list we find UMass Amherst(pictured above), ranked at #13. Complex said that the Amherst campus was "the school is still made up of a variety of concert buildings, dark subterranean spaces, and clinical architecture." Ouch.

Finally we come to nearby Rhode Island, whose only claim to fame on the list is the Community College of Rhode Island in Warwick to which they said it's "Cold, domineering, and intrusive, it doesn't give much by way of inspiration, and it's anything but inviting."