The latest results from Kids Count is in, and it looks like Massachusetts is one of the best places for a child to grow up. 

New England in general looks like a great place to be a kid. With New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts rounding out the top of the list, New Hampshire being at the number one spot. The Kids Count list bases this on the child's overall well being, and the least amount of kids in Poverty are in the top three states.

To round out the bottom of the list, Mississippi and New Mexico seem to be the areas where more children are living in poverty. This is the first year in 24 years that Mississippi hasn't been ranked as 50, but are still at 49. New Mexico has taken the last spot.

Mississippi Kids Count Director Linda Southward said that while the state isn't where they want to be they ar emaking gains in things like education and health care that is making it a better place for kids.