Missionaries who worked with Ebola patients in Liberia are going to be quarantined upon their return to North Carolina. The Charlotte-based Christian group SIM USA said none of the missionaries are showing signs of sickness.; Health officials in Mecklenburg County says this is a public safety measure to make sure they were not infected.

Experts Pinpoint Patient Zero

Experts believe they've identified the very first person to have become infected with Ebola in the current outbreak ravaging western Africa. They say the so-called "patient zero" was likely a two-year-old boy who lived in a remote village in Guinea. The boy ended up dying in early December of last year, followed shortly after by his mother, sister and grandmother. It wasn't until March however, that anyone in the medical community realized what had caused the deaths.

Vaccine Should Be Ready By 2015

A vaccine to treat the Ebola virus will probably be available sometime next year. A spokesperson for the World Health Organization said clinical trials should begin soon. On Friday, WHO declared the Ebola outbreak an international health emergency. There is currently no vaccine or cure for Ebola.

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