I love to discover new music, it doesn't matter what the genre, I will listen to anything. I just discovered a show that is on the BBC called 'Later with Jools Holland'. The show takes place in a large studio and there is at least six bands that play one right after each other. I was watching the other night and they were playing an episode from a couple of years ago.

On that show they introduced us to an artist by the name of Erik Mongrain, Erik invented the art of playing a guitar called "Airtrap". He places the guitar on his lap and taps on the stings and makes beautiful music.

Another artist I discovered is a young woman who is from Canada named "Grimes". She is talented and very entertaining. Her music is different than anything I've heard before and she plays it all herself in this video.

I would like to thank the person who decided to bring this show to American television and exposing us to all of these great artists we may not have seen before.