Dartmouth Police Chief Timothy Lee is refuting claims that a series of assaults at Rte. 6 and Cross Road on December 20 were part of a "Knockout" game.

In a statement released on Friday, the chief said the assaults were not part of any "Knockout" game, and that none of the three teens involved are related to any active member of the Dartmouth Police Department. There had been rumors, circulated by a post on Facebook, that the teens had been allowed to go free because of one them was related to a Dartmouth police officer.

The police said each of the parties claim they were victims of unprovoked assaults, but because police did not witness the assaults and there were no visible signs of injuries, the parties will be summonsed into court for a hearing. Police also said the incidents are still under investigation.

The "Knockout" game is one in which assailants--primarily young men--target unsuspecting victims and attempt to render them unconscious with a single sucker punch.