Niko Giovanni Coniglio

Jeffery Deaver's The Skin Collector is just as thrilling as its predecessor, The Bone Collector. The sequel introduces a new criminal to Detective Lincoln Rhyme, but he was inspired by the serial killer from the first book.

The "Skin Collector" lurks in underground passageways of New York City, waiting for his unsuspecting victims. He brands them with cryptic messages in the form of tattoos, but his instrument is not loaded with ink. Instead, he injects them with poison! His victims are essentially tortured to death as a result.

Rhyme and Amelia Sachs diligently investigate the case. They race to decipher the message left behind on the victims, in the form of "a fanged centipede sporting a woman's face."

Grand Central

Speaking with Deaver on Tuesday morning gave us goosebumps. Pete is already captivated by the story and can't put the book down. I've always been wary of getting a tattoo in fear of needles, but this story has cured me of any future consideration. Thanks, but no thanks!

You can find our interview with Jeffery Deaver above. Enjoy!