With more snow in the forecast is now the right time to purchase a snow blower?  I have been tossing it around all winter should I purchase a new bigger snow blower?  I already have a little one that tosses the snow about three feet and is good for a couple of inches of snow and not much more.  With another winter storm on the way about to dump more snow on us is now the time to make the move and buy that new one?  I have been hesitating, like most frugal people, waiting until the end of the season to buy one that is on sale, I've checked around and noticed there are not any sales going on now so do I really want to pay full price, when I know in a month or so I can save quite a bit of money?  Then I think here comes more snow, I have to deal with my puny snow blower or shovel again.  I don't know what to do!  I've made it this far I think I can make it a couple of more storms. I hope!