The news this morning announced that the national average for a gallon of gasoline has gone up seven cents over the past three weeks, prices are lower than they have been but are still high. 

I still don't know how someone making minimum wage can fill their car when an hour of pay barely buys two gallons of gas!  That's a blog for the future, this blog is about saving at the pump.  I'm sure you know that Stop & Shop stores sell gas, and if you buy grocery's they give you points.  When you earn 100 points you save ten cents per gallon when you fill up.

If you are like me a typical family of four you spend a couple of hundred dollars per week on grocery's, if you do this you can save 20 cents per gallon just like that!  What's really great is that now that I have a fuel efficient vehicle I am getting great mileage and I am able to fill up less often.

Just the other day I went in to the station gas was $3.359, not a bad price these days, but because I didn't need gas for a couple of weeks, when I swiped my card I saved 70 cents per gallon!  That mean's I paid just $2.659 for a gallon of gas! I saved $10.50 on my fill up of 15 gallons, that is huge!  I can't believe that I saved that much money, when I spoke to some of my friends they say they save about the same when they fill up too.

I have to admit that I was surprised to save so much, you can bet I will keep doing my shopping at Stop $ Shop as long as they are handing out discounts on gas like this!  After all we still need to eat, why not save at the pump when you do?