Stuck in a bad mood?  Here are some tips to get you out of that funk. 

According to a study in Psychology Science, writing down your negative thoughts and throwing them in the trash can erase your bad mood.  Researcher Dr. Richard Petty, a professor at The Ohio State University, says for the experiment 83 people were asked to write down thoughts on their body image, then throw them away or keep them.  They then had to rate their bodies.

The Dr. say's people who kept their papers were more likely to rate their bodies in accordance with what they wrote, and those who trashed their paper saw no change in how they rated their bodies. Petty says just as the mind controls the body , your body can control your mind.

I think this can work for any negative thought you may have.  If your boss is bugging you write his name down on the paper and toss it!  It may not take care of the problem but at least it changes your mind set.  This will not work for your bills though you could get in some trouble if you toss them!