If you commit a crime in the United States and are not a U.S.citizen, there's a good chance you'll be deported back to your home country. 

On Friday, Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson and the president of the Regional Government of the Azores, signed an agreement where both sides will take steps to assist those Azorean citizens deported back to their homeland. 

Sheriff Hodgson operates a detention center for immigrant-offenders in Dartmouth. 

Hodgson says the Regional Government will now be given files of information about the deportees, including medical records.  That sharing of information says Hodgson, did not always happen


President Vasco Cordeiro has also established an "Ambassador" program to meet deportees as they get off the plane. 

Officials and former deportees are on hand to offer help and advice to those deportees who may not have been in the Azores for many years.