My co-worker Scott and I were having a little debate in the office today, he is a huge Celtics fan and I am a huge Bruins fan. 

He seems to think that Bruins fans are a rowdy bunch of hooligans and all we want to see is a fight!  I totally disagree with him! If you look at a typical hockey fan they love the speed and finess of the game.  I pointed out that because lots of points are not scored some people shy away from the game.  I have been to a few Bruins games and yes there a few rowdy people in the crowd, but I have been to a few Celtic games and there are just as many rowdy people in that crowd.

Scott's argument to me was a vendor at the TD Garden said that he likes the Bruins crowd better than the Celtics because they are more into the game and drink more.  I have to admit that I am not a huge basketball fan, I will go to a game if asked, but if you offer up Bruins tickets I'll be there in a heartbeat, does that make me a hooligan, no just passionate about the sport of hockey as he is about basketball.

I agree there are fights in hockey and the crowd does get excited and there aren't too many fights in the NBA, and if there is there are huge fines handed down. I do think that NHL players are some of the most respectful of all pro sports.  It's not to often you hear about a player waiting by the other teams bus to pick a fight with an opposing player, or players bringing guns into the locker room.

What do you think?  Are hockey fans hooligans?