For over 50 years the Hilltop Steak House has been serving some of the best steaks in the business and this week they announced the sad news that they are closing.  In a statement released the restaurant announced that the due to the cost of running the business and the change in their demographic it was no longer feasable for them to stay open.

I used to love going to the Hilltop, the whole family would hop in the car and head up to Saugus on a Sunday afternoon and chow down on some delicious steaks.  I have to admit it's been many years since I've been to the Hilltop, but I do have the great memories of waiting for our party to be called and wondering if we will sit in Kansas City or Carson City.  We all knew that we were going to have steak though and start with a delicious salad, after we ate we would head into the butcher shop and pack a cooler full of steaks and chops.  It's sad they the restaurant is closing, I wonder if they are selling off the giant cactus ore the plastic cows out front?