It's no secret that Mercy Meals and More has become one of my favorite charitable causes throughout Greater New Bedford. Though I don't have much time to volunteer, I think putting my life on the line once a year is a pretty good way of making up for it.

Mercy Meals and More is a terrific program that provides a hot breakfast to those in need just about every morning. Over the past several years, they've served tens of thousands of meals to not only the area's homeless, but those who are struggling to make ends meet.

But looking out for our fellow residents and ensuring they start their day out with hope costs money. That's why I've decided to once again jump out of a plane flying at 10,000 feet in order to help defray the cost of providing those thousands of meals each year.

I need your help. Any amount will do. Please consider donating to this very worthy cause. After all, it's not everyday you help kick me out of a perfectly good airplane!