In Honor of February, Heart Health Month, we've decided to share information regarding cardiovascular health and the various effects they can have on your senses.

Beltone, NE

Last month, we posted an article about how hearing loss could potentially be linked to Dementia. This month, we'll share some interesting tidbits about how a healthy or unhealthy cardiovascular system can be linked to hearing loss. The Better Hearing Institute is alerting baby boomers, generation X, or the 30 or older crowd of the connection.

A growing body of research indicates that a person’s hearing and cardiovascular health frequently correspond. In response, BHI is urging people with cardiovascular disease to get their hearing checked. Likewise, BHI is urging people with hearing loss to pay close attention to their cardiovascular health.

The inner ear is extremely sensitive to blood flow. Studies have shown that a healthy cardiovascular system—a person’s heart, arteries, and veins—has a positive effect on hearing. Conversely, inadequate blood flow and trauma to the blood vessels of the inner ear can contribute to hearing loss.


So be sure to pay attention to loss of hearing and get it checked out! It could be related to your heart health. For more information on hearing and getting it checked out, visit Beltone, NE's Local Expert page.