'American Idol' is back -  did you watch?  I could only spend a couple of minutes with the show.  I know people love the audition phase of the show, seeing the silly people that show up and some of the good talent that makes it to the show. 

I wanted to see the chemistry between the new judges, Nikki Minaj, Mariah Carey and Keith Urban.  What I saw was the same as any other Idol show with any of the judges, nothing has changed!  I don't know how the ratings for the show were, I'm sure they were good.

Did you watch the show?  How do you feel about American Idol?  Do you think it has run it's course?  I do!  I know they have launched many careers and spawned many shows like it, that's great but is there something that Idol can do to change it up and make it better?  I know I have a lot of questions and not many answers. Has American Idol "jumped the shark"?

Judging from some of the Facebook comments I saw after the first show I think it has.  One comment that made me laugh was, "who's that clown with Mariah Carey and Keith Urban" or another one that said "Nikki and Mariah bad actress', I'm not buying the feud"!   I guess I will do this year as I have over the past couple, give the show 30 seconds of my time and hope that it fades into the sunset.