A New Bedford City Councilor is questioning why two plain-clothes police officers were assigned to St. John the Baptist Church last Sunday during the last Mass there.  The story was first reported in the Fall River Herald News.  Police Chief David Provencher said it was sound, prudent, public safety policy to assign the officers to the Mass, especially with the almost overflow crowd.

But Ward Five Councillor Jane Gonsalves tells WBSM News, having an undercover police presence there was an "insult" to parishioners.

Gonsalves doesn't see her complaint going anywhere.  She has no plans to bring it up before the City Council.  She adds, she and other councilors are continuing to focus on getting the church reopened, and are assisting the "Friends of St. John's" with fund-raising events.

The first is a wine tasting on November 16, and Gonsalves says people can contact her or other "Friends" members for tickets.