Here we are in the home stretch for your Christmas shopping, you have been to the mall, visited the local shops and just about exhausted yourself buying gifts for everyone. 

Then you realize you need a few more gifts, ugh!  I'm here to help, how about gift cards?  Giftcards are great, you can purchase them for just about anything you could want.  Another great thing about gift cards is with a lot of restaurants and stores, if you spend a certain amount, they give you a gift card for yourself.

Also, you can get discounts on some gift cards too, warehouse clubs - Costco and Sam's Club routinely offer other retailers' gift cards at less than face value. Costco has restaurant gift cards available at a 20% discount on purchases of $100, and Sam's Club offers discounted gift cards for a variety of uses.

Auction Sites - Sellers on sites like eBay are constantly looking to get rid of unwanted gifts.  In some cases discounts be as high as 20 percent (or more). Just make sure the site offers buyer protection in case the card is fraudulent.

These day's you don't even have to go to the place you want the gift card for, places like Lowes and Walmart as well as other retailers carry a wide selection of gift cards including restaurants like Subway and Chili's to Visa and Mastercard as well.  If you have had it with the mall just stop by one of these stores and pick up a gift card, do some online research first to find out who has the deals!  I got gift cards to put in my kids stockings for places that I know they will love to go!