This Saturday night, Spooky Southcoast will celebrate its 10th anniversary of airing on 1420 WBSM. That's a whole decade of talking about things a lot of people still don't even believe really exist.

A lot has changed in the world of the paranormal since January 26, 2006...and a lot has changed with Spooky Southcoast in that time as well. The late Evan Rousseau helped Matt Costa and myself get on the air for the first few weeks. He eventually trusted us enough to go it without him, and then we brought Matt Moniz into the fold a short time later. Two years ago, we added Stephanie Burke to the crew, and of course Christopher Balzano has been been a major contributor pretty much since the beginning, even before he was officially "Spooky Crew."

From trying to podcast the show in Week 1 to homemade rigs for live streaming to the wonders of Spooky TV that we employ today, it's been quite a ride.

On the show this week, I'll share my thoughts with the audience (and the Crew) about our first 10 years, as well as where I want us to go in the next decade. We'll also play some classic clips (including a snippet of the very first episode--yikes!) and reminisce about some of the great guests, callers and topics we've been privileged enough to enjoy all these years.

But the most important part is that we want to hear from YOU!

You can call in during the show at (508) 996-0500 or toll free at (877) 996-1420. You can also email us at, mention us on Twitter using #SpookyLive, or text us during the show at 67664 (please put 'WBSM' at the beginning of your text message, however).

We look forward to hearing from you I've always said for the past 10 years...