Have you ever wondered about the mysterious tarot cards, and whether or not they can actually reveal anything about you or your future? Well on this week's edition of Spooky Southcoast, you'll get your chance to find out first-hand (get it?...hand...like a hand in a card game...tarot cards...ok, that's enough bad puns one for one post).

Joining us in the Spooky Studio will be Lynne Marie, owner of Uplifting Connections in Bridgewater. Lynne Marie is a spirit medium who specialized in tarot readings, but really, her shop offers a complete listing of all things metaphysical and that will help with spiritual and self improvement. We'll cover it all while taking YOUR calls, with Lynne Marie giving out free tarot readings to the callers.

Now, in over nine years of broadcasting Spooky Southcoast, we've never really covered tarot before. Part of the reason why was that, when doing tarot readings over the phone, you lose some of the visual element of receiving a tarot reading. But we've been able to change that with the inclusion of our Spooky TV live video stream during the show--you'll actually be able to see the cards as you get your reading! We'll have a camera pointed directly at the deck, and every card will be visible on the stream. Even if you can't watch live as your reading is happening, we'll have it archived on YouTube and you can watch it later.

Tune in live to Spooky Southcoast this and every Saturday night from 10 pm-midnight EST for paranormal talk you won't find anywhere else! Never heard the show before? We've got nine years' worth of archives on iTunes and wherever podcasts are found.