Everyone is excited about the Madeira Feast coming to New Bedford this weekend. I have never been to the feast, but I hear wonderful things about it. Out of all the aspects of the feast, it seems like everyone is most looking forward to the food!

The only problem is that I am a poor excuse for a Portuguese person because I am a picky eater. It's true and I hate myself for it. While everyone else is munching on cacoila and bifana, I'll be too busy dancing and clapping along to the music (in true Portuguese fashion).

We had a few listeners call in to ask, in a nice way, what the heck is wrong with me. The truth is I just don't like meat. I never have, and I don't see my diet changing after 20 years. I hope everybody else enjoys their linguica. I'll snack on those fresh malassadas and roast chicken for 3 days  =)