Well, the confetti is done falling and now its jut the clean up after Super Bowl XLII where the Ravens beat the Forty-Niners.  Not having a team in the game it didn't matter to me who won, I was glad to see that San Fransisco made it a game.  The best part of any Super Bowl is the commercials.  I don't think any one spot was spectacular but a few did make me chuckle, like the Dorito's Princess or the Kia Space Baby's.  The winner according to USA Today's ADMeter was the Budweiser Horse and Trainer Reunited spot, one that left the viewers teary eyed.  I also liked the Audi Prom spot too.  How about you?  Which spots did you like?  Here is the Ad Meter top 10.

The 10 Most Popular

Company Description Secs. Qtr. Score
Anheuser-Busch Horse and trainer reunited 60 3 7.76
Tide Miracle Stain 60 4 7.75
RAM Farmers 120 4 7.43
Doritos Fashionista Dad 30 2 7.27
JEEP Families waiting 120 HT 7.20
Kia Space Babies 60 4 6.74
Doritos Goat 4 Sale 30 1 6.71
NFL Deion Sanders returns 60 3 6.68
Hyundai Kid assembles team 30 1 6.65
Audi Prom 60 1 6.64