Nothing is as heart wrenching as losing a child. Scott McCabe and his family of Moore, OK are familiar with the pain. Their 9 year old son, Nicolas, was one of 7 third graders killed when a tornado razed their elementary school, last May. But the family has reason to feel comforted, now, because of a cell phone photo.

A ghostly image appears in the photo taken last Fourth of July, 2 months after young Nicolas died. According to Scott McCabe, he believes his son's spirit was captured in a photo he snapped of his niece while playing with a sparkler.

Some dismiss the photo saying it's just a distortion of movement. However, the McCabe family are sure it's their little "guardian angel" Nicolas looking over them. The family says they feel inspired and hopeful by this event and plan on giving Thanksgiving and Christmas gifts in Nicolas' memory. What do you think?