Fairhaven and Dartmouth Police arrest two for the price of one.

Detectives from both towns were about to execute a search warrant at a Spring Street apartment in Fairhaven early Monday morning for a suspect wanted on assorted narcotics offenses. While officers were preparing to enter the apartment, they witnessed the resident complete a drug deal with another man on the sidewalk in front of the home.

Officers quickly arrested the dealer, identified as 46-year-old William Roldan of Fairhaven, who attempted to resist arrest but was quickly incapacitated by use of a TASER. Roldan has been charged with numerous offenses including possession and distribution of controlled substances, possession of a stun gun, and school zone violations.

Also arrested was 23-year-old John Reynolds of fairhaven, who was carrying heroin just obtained from Roldan. Reynolds was charged with possession of a controlled substance and conspiracy to violate drug laws.

Both suspects were arraigned Monday in Third District Court.