As investigators continue to search for leads, details and individual stories are emerging from the carnage.

The "Boston Globe" reports that eight-year-old Martin Richard of Dorchester died in the blast just after hugging his father at the finish line. The young man's sister and mother were also seriously injured in the blast.

Other than the boy, two other people were also killed in the attacks, and over 120 people have been injured including the loss of limbs in several instances. At least 17 people are in critical condition.

According to Gawker, the FBI searched an apartment in Revere, MA on Monday night and they were looking for a person of interest. Several bags were removed from the scene as of Tuesday morning.

The NY Post had previously reported that a Saudi National was in custody, but further reports indicate that he is not a suspect and is currently being treated at a hospital in Boston. He is being questioned, but that is all the detail we have at this point.

A total of two bombs went off yesterday near the finish line, and while it was originally reported that two more devices were found and dismantled. Governor Deval Patrick has since said that these devices did not exist.