Thinking about a new car?  This could be the best time to buy!  December is a month that you may just be able to get the best deal on a new car. 

New car showrooms are pretty quiet this time of year, with most people thinking about buying Christmas presents and other holiday items, not many people are heading into the showroom to buy.  Dealers need to keep selling cars and with the end of the year looming they would like to make their quota and make some money.

This past year was pretty good for the auto industry and they want to keep the momentum going. Some data indicate the best days to buy are December 10, 24, 27, 28, 29, 30 and 31st, at least according to TrueCar’s analysis of past trends – seven of the 10 best days of the year, it says, measured in terms of the money you’ll save compared to list price.  If you are going to buy a car before the end of the year, start on-line and do some research on the vehicle you think you may want, look for incentives that may be offered and then head to the dealer and get your best deal.

According to General Motors, now is a good time to purchase a pickup truck, GM did not move as many as they thought they would in the month of November so they are looking to clear them out before the end of they year.  I'm sure other manufacturers have some vehicles they are looking to move as well.  Remember to shop at a dealership you can trust, ask co-workers, friends and relatives where they shop and start there.  Do your homework and December could be the month for you to be driving a new ride.