Arthur Lynch went to Dartmouth High School and played football for the Indians. After graduation he attended the University of Georgia and played football there. Now, he's in the NFL.

Artie was drafted by the Miami Dolphins this spring and even though he grew up a New England Patriots fan he is happy to be in the NFL.

He was originally planning to attend Boston College, but realized if he wanted to go pro, he should challenge himself and play in the touch SEC against teams like Alabama and LSU. In his junior season he began to really focus on getting to the NFL.

Arthur came to our studios today to talk with Pete and Kasey about how crazy this past year has been. He is home for a few weeks before training camp begins so he has a chance to see family and enjoy some Portuguese food and coffee milk that he cannot find in Georgia and Florida.

Last year we followed Jordan Todman, a former teammate of Arthur's, and this year we will follow Todman on the Jacksonville Jaguars and now Arthur Lynch wsith the Miami Dolphins.

You can hear the entire interview from Thursday's morning show.