A New Bedford fishing boat is being escorted home by two U.S. Coast Guard vessels, after the fishing boat began taking on water about 100 miles southeast of Nantucket. 


Us Coast Guard

The fishing vessel Megan-Marie issued a distress call late Wednesday, saying it was taking on water, and the dewatering pumps on board could not keep up.

A Coast Guard aircraft arrived on scene a short time later, and dropped two pumps to the striken vessel in 10-to-14 foot seas.  A third pump was dropped a short time later, and the Coast Guard says that enabled the crew to control the flooding and identify the source of the leak.

The crew said the water was coming in through a hole underneath the engine block, making it impossible to patch.

Two Coast Guard vessels were assigned to escort the Megan-Marie back to New Bedford, to make sure the vessel returned safely.

ublic Affairs Officer Lt. Joe Klinker says to get supplies to the crew in rough weather conditions, is a true testament to how important seach and rescue missions are.

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