TSM - Mayor Jon Mitchell discusses job creation in Upper Harbor district during news conference at UpSource on Belleville Ave.

The City of New Bedford is touting substantial job growth in the Upper Harbor District along Belleville Avenue.

Mayor Jon Mitchell says over the past year or so, businesses in that part of the city have created more than 300 jobs, and made investments totaling $85 million...

The government assistance is mainly coming from loan programs offered through the New Bedford Economic Develpment Council. 

One of those companies creating jobs is Joseph Aboud men's clothing. Tony Sapienza is the company's C-E-O

TSM - Joseph Aboud still hiring in North End!

Sapienza also chair's the city's Economic Development Council.  Other job creators include Precix, UpSource, and Mother Freedom. 

The district's biggest investments were made by WinnCompanies and Keith Construction:  $25 million at Manomet Mill, and a $26 million investment by Acorn Management at Riverbank Lofts