What do you do when you end up with a Christmas gift you really don't like or want? After you thank the giver and say how thoughtful it was, how about cashing it in for money, as in cash! Without having to trek back to the store and making a return, eBay will gladly help you out.

Digital auction site eBay used to be the place where individual users listed items for auction, but now they are trying to become a place where large chain retailers sell stuff for users! The idea is that a user would pay a "Valet" (big retailer) to list their item for sale for them.

So, to promote this idea, eBay is offering free Valet service, including real-life service stations, after Christmas, to help people sell unwanted gifts for cash! To be sold through Valet, your stuff has to be in excellent condition, cannot be breakable, heavy or so valuable that it needs to be authenticated.

-Valet users typically receive 60 to 80 % of the item's selling price. Also, eBay hopes you'll make ditching your unwanted gifts a Christmas tradition. The company is toying with plans to test out temporary in-person Valet stations in San Francisco, Chicago and Paramus, New Jersey.