William Lewis of Westport. Photo from Fairhaven Police[/caption]An eagle-eyed Fairhaven Police officer helped bring about the arrest of a Westport man who was charged with stealing copper piping from a Fairhaven home. 

Officer Marc Darmafol was driving his cruiser on Sconticut Neck Road on Wednesday, when he noticed a man walking on the side of the road, carrying a backpack and a duffel bag.  Darmafol stopped and questioned the man, who said he was working in the area, and the duffel bag, which he had discarded, contained his tools. 

from Fairhaven Police[/caption]Police located the duffel bag and found copper pipes inside that appeared to have been cut from exsisting plumbing.  Officers then followed the man's footprints back to a nearby home, and found it had been broken into and pipes had been cut. 

Twenty-five year old William Lewis of Sodom Road, Westport was charged with breaking and entering in the daytime, possession of burglary tools, and larceny from a building.  He appeared in New Bedford District Court on Thursday.