Do you have extra bedrooms that are not being utilized? Would you consider converting the space into a casual bed and breakfast and make yourself a cool $20,000 extra pocket cash a year?  It's the newest trend for earning money and transforming everyday people into innkeepers. The lodging arrangements are advertised through Airbnb, a popular online service that books rooms all around the world.

Some of the rooms are as basic as your key, a bedroom and little conversation. On the other hand, you can rent out a floor of your home or the entire house fetching up to $800 per night! Some clever innkeepers take photos of the house and offer fresh towels, linens, refrigerator filled with food and local amenities like movies, restaurants, laundromat and public transportation.

Bed, bath and your home: people are generating an income stream from something they never thought of before. Renting out spaces on Airbnb can save folks looking for a great deal a lot of money. Some bedrooms are renting out at only $50 a night, but bring your own towel to be on the safe side! So, think about it. That extra income could very well be under your spare bedroom pillow, like the money the tooth fairy used to leave you!