Overall, The Beatles still rule.  Just over three-quarters of the adults taking part in a "Public Policy Polling" survey say they have a "favorable" opinion of the Fab Four, which is the highest number of positive votes among the acts featured in the "Music Icons" poll. 

The Beach Boys rank second with "favorable" votes from 74%, while 73% like Elvis Presley.  The Rolling Stones are drawing "favorable" votes from 61%.  Only 48% are giving a thumbs up to Michael Jackson, and just 36% say they like Madonna.  Only a quarter of those polled are fans of the late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain.

Meanwhile, 32% feel the '60s was the best decade for music, and a quarter believe the '70s had the best music.  Nearly 20%t prefer the songs from the '50s, and 15-percent are fans of '80s music.  But fewer than 10% like the music from the '90s or the past decade.