If you are in a service based industry wouldn't you make sure you have great service?  I am baffled every time I head out to a restaurant to enjoy a meal and end up with less than stellar service.

I doesn't take all that much to make a diners meal a pleasant experience, just do the simple things like making sure that they get the correct meals or if the drink glass is empty to ask if you would like another one.  One thing that I find many times is someone other than my server brings out my meal and takes off and the server doesn't follow up for a while and if there is something wrong with a meal and you have to wait.

That happened recently at a restaurant our meals came out and one member of our party who had ordered a pork dish found that the dish was under cooked.  We tried to find our server and waited about five minutes before she came back, by this time, being polite everyone at the table waited until our friend's issue was resolved, meaning our meals were cold by the time we ended up eating.

By the time her meal returned to the table everyone else had finished and she felt like she had to rush to finish!  The worst part was that the server could have cared less about it, although she did offer another drink but forgot to bring it, talk about adding insult to injury!  I typically eat out two to three times a week and I'm finding this to be the norm rather than the exception.

I do have to say I recently visited a restaurant I had not been to before and had great service!  The food was pretty good but having great service made me want to go back and be treated the way you should be when dining out.  I hope that if you are an owner of a restaurant or business that rely's on service you take the time to explain to your employee's how important it is to treat your customers like gold, because without them there is no business.