Here comes Valentines Day, some people love the day others loath the day.  Valentines Day is a day to share with your loved one, a romantic dinner, some chocolates maybe a few dozen roses.  Then there are the people who run the other way when it comes to Valentines day, if this is the category you fall into why not make the best of it and have an 'Anti-Valentines Day' celebration.

I did some searching and found that there are a bunch of places hosting party's that are fun themed and are perfect for the person who is looking to poke fun at Valentines Day.  Here are some of the names of party's being held, you can use these for your own party planning.  How about 'Flirt Fest' or the 'Tainted Love Party'?  Then there's the 'Broken Hearts Bash' and the every popular 'Singles Party', you can even come up with your own name for your party, just make sure you have fun with it.  Maybe you will find your soul mate at one of these party's and never have to worry about the date again.