This evening, the South Coast Alliance was hoping to host a debate between Gabriel Gomez and Ed Markey, but Mr. Markey could care less about answering tough questions about the Southcoast's future, so that's one reason to consider voting for Mr. Gomez, next Tuesday.

Where career politician Ed Markey represents the white political establishment in dysfunctional Washington, Gomez is a successful Latino-American who represents the new future for America. Mr. Markey's goal is to side-step from Congress and get a transfer pass to the Senate, after 37 years. Usually, if we worked for 37 years for a company, we'd be looking at retirement.

Mr. Gomez also wants changes, but not for his own advancement. Gomez is in the area today to listen and to learn more about what is important for the future of the Southcoast's residents. That's another good reason to consider Mr. Gomez, a Navy SEAL and example of what hard work can get you in this country. Mr. Markey, on the other hand, is an example of what's wrong with partisan Washington and by stiff-arming us here, he has shown his true special interest colors.

Gabriel Gomez is very smart, engaging and would make an effective U.S. Senator, especially for the South Coast. And that's yet another real reason to consider voting for Mr. Gomez.