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They say that good things come in threes and for three Massachusetts sisters who all gave birth within five days of each other, that couldn’t be more true.

Angela Green gave birth first on Monday Nov. 11, Ashley Cutter had her baby on Thursday Nov. 14 and sister Nichole Dever gave birth on Friday Nov. 15.

The sisters all live on the South Shore in Weymouth within five minutes of each other and are very close.

“I thought my mom was going to die,” Nichole said. “Three babies in one week is just crazy. We were really excited.”

Between the three sisters there are eight children, so caring for the kids who weren’t being delivered was somewhat of an issue. “We owe our mom big time,” Ashley said.

For the staff at the hospital, this was a first.

“Everybody at the hospital was shocked,” Nichole said. “No one had ever seen it before there.”

Mid-November is certainly going to be a busy time for family birthdays in the future.

“The best part is that all the cousins are going to grow up close to each other,” Ashley said.