Con artists just love it when they get your Social Security number because now during tax season, they'll gladly fill out a bogus 1040 or long form and collect your refund! That's just one of the Dirty Dozen scams going on!

Then there's the scam where a convincing caller claims to be with the IRS Investigations Department informing you of bad news: there was an arrest warrant for your nonpayment of taxes, and to pay it off with prepaid debit cards

Another scam is where you are threatened with revocation of your driver's license and then they hang up. Moments later, other scammers will call back pretending to be from the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

WBSM wants you to be aware of a lot of creative and unusual scams out there. Go to for a full list of con games and identity theft, or call toll free 1-800-366-4484. And always verify anyone who calls you claiming to be the IRS!