If you have some little ghouls and gals at home, you've probably already got Buttonwood Park Zoo's Boo at the Zoo marked on your calendar.  But did you know about this little tip?

For a few years now I've taken my child to Boo at the Zoo- we love it!  But for a few years now, I have waited in line with everyone else and sometimes my child does NOT have the attention span for that.

But today I leaned something new. For the exact same price I'd pay at the door, I can by a pass that let's me skip the line entirely. No kidding!  The Bat Pass gives you access into a side entrance only available to those with the Bat Pass. Who wouldn't want to pay the exact same price to be swept into a side entrance and straight into the heart of the event?

If you've never been to Boo before but you know you'll be going- take the five extra minutes to buy your Bat Pass in advance. You'll be glad you did when you stroll by the line and straight into the zoo.