It is the 15th year for the Rochester Country Fair, and the fun just keeps getting better. This year, two new additions were made: a zip line and a mechanical bull. And guess who couldn't wait to soar down the zip line!

That's right, as soon as our editor told me that there was a chance I could go zip lining, I knew my twin sister and I had to head out to Rochester and check out the festivities. Before I climbed three stories to jump off a platform and hurtle through the sky, however, I took a selfie with a cow, Kayla road a horse, and we visited some of the FUN 107 folks who were there working the crowd.

Then it was time to harness up, and our new friend Deborah made me feeling comfortable in no time. She's been running zip lines for 20 years, so I was pretty confident she knew what she was doing. After she gave me some instruction, I climbed the spiral staircase to the top and took my first flying lesson, zip line style! It was so fun, I even talked Kayla into doing it with me the second time.

You can still try it too! The Rochester Country Fair runs through Sunday and it is something you simply won't want to miss. Head on out this weekend and even if zip lining isn't your speed, I'm sure you'll enjoy one of the other countless activities there are to participate in, like the pie bake off, cow chip bingo (I'm not even going to get into what that is... if you don't know, you'll have to look it up), a fiddle contest and more. Sure, it might be country, but it is still a lot of fun. Don't miss it!