Bryan Burrough's Days of Rage is the book we were all waiting to read. He details the New Left and their violent actions to overthrow America.

Bryan Burrough is an accomplished journalist and the author of six books. His most renowned book, Barbarians at the Gate, is the story of the corporate battle for control of RJR Nabisco. His ability to detail the truth about corporate warfare in a manner that made it accessible and understandable to those outside of the boardroom earned him a broad audience. Barbarians at the Gate and Burrough earned a rare distinction when the business book was transformed into a successful movie.

Success as a writer isn't rare for Bryan Burrough. He is a three-time winner of the prestigious Gerald Loeb Award for Excellence in Financial Journalism. From 1983 to 1992 he was a reporter for The Wall Street Journal, where he reported from Texas, Pittsburgh, and New York City. He has written for Vanity Fair magazine since 1992.

His books on corporate finance, the oil industry, NASA, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are excellent. Burrough's books detail and unravel complex stories involving complicated and conflicted people.

Days of Rage, published in 2015, continues the author's streak of well researched and well-written books. Here he focuses his journalistic talent on the leftist maniacs who bombed and murdered their fellow Americans in an attempt to transform the Republic into a communist dictatorship.

The subjects of the book failed at their ultimate goal, at least so far anyway.

But many of these terrorists are free as a bird and inspiring a new generation of committed leftists. Rather than being punished and rejected by American society, they are respected by some of the most powerful leaders in the Democratic Party.

Days of Rage is an important work of American history. It will inform you about where our country has been and it will frighten you because of where our country may be going.

Some of the terrorists you will read about are free today because their supporters convinced various Presidents of the United States to let them out of prison.

Read Days of Rage. Buy two copies and give one to a friend. Tell that friend to give his copy to a police officer when he is done reading it. You will understand my urgent request after you read this important book.

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