She sells seashells, Peter Piper Picked, you may think one of those may be the worlds toughest tongue twisters but they are not.  Researchers at MIT discovered a tongue twister that is even more difficult, some people can't even get through it once without tripping up.  The nonsensical phrase is, 'pad kid poured curd pulled cold', it's even tough just to read never mind saying out loud.  Researchers say speech errors that are caused by tongue twisters, can be used to understand how the brain processes and plans speech.  The research is still being studied and are taking the study to the next stage and they are actually putting monitors on peoples tongues to see how they are affected by the tongue twisters.  That should be fun!

For now i will just keep practicing the easy one's for now, 'top, cop' or 'Peter Piper' even 'toy boat'!  Here's one I never heard and can't even make it through even one time without tripping over my tongue, 'the seething sea ceaseth and thus the seething sea sufficeth us'! How many times did you trip on that one?