Everyone has, at one point, thought about fun things we'd do if we were famous actors or athletes.

Would you visit a children's hospital?  Would you surprise families with food or presents around the holidays?  Maybe hook random fans up with tickets to a game?

Ryan Fitzgerald is a second baseman in the Boston Red Sox minor league system.  He has spent the majority of the past two years in AAA Worcester. Had the team not been moved to Worcester, he would have been at home in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

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He was driving around the Worcester area earlier this week when he spotted a kid taking practice swings with his bat in his front yard.

"Do you play baseball?" Fitzgerald asked.  "Do you like the WooSox?  Ever been to a game?"

The 13-year-old boy, Tyler, answered "yes" to all three.

Fitzgerald then asked Tyler if he knew who Ryan Fitzgerald was.  "Yeah," Tyler said.

"Well, that's me," the second baseman said.  "You want a bat?"

Tyler responded with an enthusiastic "Yeah!"

"I saw you swinging out here and I was like, aw, man, that used to be me as a kid," Fitzgerald said.

Fitzgerald popped out of his tricked-out Lexus (complete with embroidered Red Sox headrests and a baseball gear shift) to grab one of his personalized wooden bats.

"Keep swinging, kid," Fitzgerald said.

The WooSox player told Tyler to send him a DM on Instagram the next time he wanted to go see a game. The boy and his family will be treated to free tickets.

Tyler's mom was stunned.

"You have no idea how excited he was when he ran into the house to tell us," she said in response to the video Fitzgerald posted. "You have made his day!"

This is no doubt a memory for life for the young teen.

Nothing like the love of baseball.

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