For the vast majority of my life, Jerry Remy has been a part of my summer.

Remy was invited into my living room (and living rooms all across New England) for 30 years.

For 15 of those years, Remy was matched up with Don Orsillo. He served as the color analyst for Boston Red Sox games while Orsillo offered his play-by-play talents. The duo was paired together for some of the team's most important seasons in the past 100 years -- from the heartbreak of 2003 to the triumphant comeback in 2004 to the subsequent championships in 2007, 2013 and 2018.

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Orsillo's message was heartfelt. It was beautiful. It is a shame it wasn't included.

Chad Finn from the Boston Globe reported that he thought it was more of a miscommunication on timing than anything else.

Finn said he thinks that Orsillo didn't get the video back in time for the team to include it in the final cut. While that may be true, if you are NESN and the Red Sox, you somehow, someway make it happen.  It might force someone to work overtime, but it would have made the tribute more meaningful.  I'm sure it would have been important to Jerry. This seems like an unfortunate and avoidable fumble by the Red Sox.

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