The Braintree Police Department just roasted this guy so badly on Facebook that he's going to need some ice for that burn. I don't know what was going on through this guy's head.

"In today’s episode of 'What could go wrong,' this motorist was stopped after getting off Route 3 with four 8’ 2x4s dangling out of their Nissan. The operator was cited for having an unsecured load and had to make alternative arrangements for getting their wood home. Not only is this dangerous, but if the vehicle were involved in a crash the 2x4s would also instantly become deadly projectiles. While we're on the subject, we wood like to hit on some key points:

  • Everything not secured inside a vehicle will continue to travel the speed traveling until stopped by an immovable object.
  • Your Shitzu is not driving your car...keep your dogs off your lap when driving
  • When in doubt, rent a truck. The Depot and Lowe's have excellent rental rates.
  • Splinters are no laughing matter.
  • Carl would not have done this in his Prius."

Splinters are most certainly not a laughing matter. I'm glad that the driver was pulled over by Braintree Police today. What makes the story even funnier is that he was pulled over right next to the police station. Honestly, you cannot make this stuff up. And I'm sure that's not even the weirdest thing they've seen on patrol.

I'm not a homeowner and I haven't had to worry about any big projects yet, but I'm pretty sure this is not how one should go about transporting large pieces of lumber. But what the heck do I know?

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