Maybe it's a sign of the times or maybe it's just that guys are finally getting the message that women do not want to be touched or kissed or rubbed by men unless they say it is okay. And that is their right.

Joe Biden's hands-on approach to women has raised eyebrows over the years, and now that he is a possible contender for the Democrat presidential nomination, it is causing him problems.

Lucy Flores says when Biden came to Las Vegas to campaign for her 2015 run for Lt. Governor, he kissed the back of her head. Innocent enough to some folks but Flores felt as though Biden crossed a line and made her feel uncomfortable, and she has every right to feel that way.

Biden has always been a touchy-feely kind of guy with the ladies, and while he insists he means no harm, his actions are not okay with all women. Women should not have to be subjected to unwanted touching, kissing, rubbing or anything else that violates their space and they are speaking out about it.

Whether you think Joe Biden is a creepy letch or just an innocent, affectionate old guy doesn't really matter if his actions are offensive to those on the receiving end.

Women must set the ground rules for what is acceptable behavior. When someone crosses into their comfort zone, they must say so. Direct communication is the best way to handle a situation when you feel uncomfortable.

For men and women in this day and age, the best possible advice is to just keep your hands and your lips to yourself until and unless you've been invited to do otherwise.

Biden is from another generation. A lot has changed. His behavior may be out of step with today's women, and that may be a fatal mistake before he even gets in the race.

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