With the State's fiscal year budget not yet set, business owners and savvy shoppers are wondering if Massachusetts will once again hold a sales tax holiday weekend.

The holiday is typically set for August, and nixes the State's 6.25% sales tax. Those savings are usually compounded with other sales retailers may promote.

However, State Representative Chris Markey says with the current fiscal climate, legislators are taking a wait-and-see approach before setting or forgetting the holiday. Markey explains how he and other lawmakers are approaching the holiday weekend decision. "Slow and steady. Don't come out and scare people. On the same token is, make sure you're conservative with your thoughts and making sure that people trust what we're doing and trying to do what is best for the common wealth," said Markey.

Lawmakers have not set a budget for the next fiscal year beginning July 1, and are focused on closing a $750 million gap. Governor Baker is proposing a $5.3 billion budget to fund the State through July 31.

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